Whiskey on Beer


Whiskey on Beer

Who was LOAD?

A fixture in the south Florida punk scene, LOAD’s popularity surged in the mid 90’s mirroring a national trend toward rock alternative acts like Green Day and Smashing Pumpkins. LOAD ambitiously toured the southeastern U.S. eventually landing them on the radar of major labels, hungry for the next big thing. Unfortunately the unpredictability and recklessness that would make LOAD such a compelling act would also prove to be their downfall As their explosive rise to the top would come to be overshadowed by the tragic trajectory that followed.

In 2012 lead singer Robert Johnston, known to fans as Bobby LOAD died due to complications from alcoholism. In the wake of Johnston’s passing remaining LOAD members Jeff Tucci, Fausto Figueredo and Tony Qualls came together again for the first time in over a decade to collaborate on a tribute record of LOAD re-releases. In November of 2014 Jeff Tucci was found dead of an apparent overdose. He died one month before the album could be released.gunblack